Patriots Rip NFL Executives Over Insensitive Comments On Brazilian Plane Crash



The soccer world was struck by tragedy this week when a plane chartered by Brazilian club Chapecoense was involved in a fatal crash. People from the world of soccer and sports in general have poured their support out to the club during a tragic and difficult time. But the NFL caught some heat over an insensitive remark by one of their executives.

Former exec Joe Browne tweeted about the NFL’s disaster plan, and how it would help out in the event of a similar tragedy affecting the NFL. But when referencing the plan’s ability to draft a new team from existing teams, he used the phrase “restock.” The tweet has since been deleted, but here’s what he said:

NFL club partnership so strong that if there were tragedy similar to Brazilian soccer crash other NFL clubs would restock affected team

The Patriots Twitter account led the charge of those who were shocked that he would use language that reduced the deceased players to livestock.

The Patriots and the NFL don’t quite get along these days, but they’re completely in the right here. While Browne was trying to make a point about the strength of the NFL in dealing with such potential tragedies, the timing was terrible and the language used was demeaning and insensitive. With so much controversy surrounding the league’s supposed disregard for player safety, referring to players as “stock” is pretty poor form.

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