Paul George’s Latest Injury Update Is Making Pacers Fans Panic



The success of the Indiana Pacers is directly linked with the health of star Paul George. The team fell apart in the wake of his gruesome knee injury two years ago, and looked great when he returned to the court.

So maybe fans are justified in their worry over his latest injury. George picked up an ankle injury that was initially dismissed as nothing serious. But George has since been forced to sit out the game against the Phoenix Suns, and will have to get an MRI on his leg before he can return. Coach McMillan told the Indianapolis Star the following:

“It was sore when he was playing and the last two days it really hasn’t gotten any better,” said McMillan. “We’ll have more, hopefully, for you in a couple days.”

That’s not a statement that instills confidence. The team won’t even know what condition his ankle is in for a few days, and he’ll likely miss a few more games at least before returning. Hopefully it’s nothing too serious.

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