Paul Heyman Had Very Interesting To Say About Vince McMahon



Throughout the years, Paul Heyman has well established the fact that he isn’t one to hold his tongue. It’s what has helped make him a prominent figure in the professional wrestling picture. In a recent interview with ESPN.com, Heyman had some intriguing words to describe Vince McMahon.

“He’s insane. At least I’m rather sane about it. Then again, I’m sane and I’m a thousandaire, and he’s insane and he’s a billionaire. I don’t think Vince would be flattered by the comparison, but in my little synagogue of life, I could see where maybe we could kibitz a little about that.”

McMahon likely won’t take too lightly to these comments, but then again he’s heard it all when other describe him. He isn’t an ordinary person by any stretch of the imagination, but that has helped him be tremendously successful. It has also put him a rut in many instances, but more than anything else it has made the WWE the largest professional wrestling organization in the world.

As for Heyman, this won’t endanger his standing with the company as it was made in more of a sense that is was a compliment. He shares the similar point of view that McMahon has due to being the former owner of ECW. That said, it’s just another instance of an intriguing comment made about the WWE CEO.

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