Paul Heyman Has A Shocking Stance On Conor McGregor



In the last few months, Conor McGregor hasn’t exactly been endearing to the WWE.In fact, he has taken multiple shots at the company in a few interviews. In light of that, Paul Heyman had an intriguing response to it all.

Heyman isn’t the first to state this stance as many in and around the business have felt this way. None are bigger than Triple H, who has continued to voice his desire to get McGregor to make the jump. He has made it well known on social media that he wants the UFC champion to make an appearance.

Many of the wrestlers in the WWE view his comments as trying to gain more publicity. McGregor has done a strong job of promoting himself through these rants that have only made him a bigger star. All in all, it could only be matter of time before he could find himself stepping in the squared circle with the WWE.

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