Paul Heyman Has A Strong Message For Goldberg



In the past few weeks, Goldberg has become the center of conversation with his return to the WWE all but set in stone with a match lined up against Brock Lesnar. During this time, he has repeatedly taken shots at Lesnar. It appears that Paul Heyman has had enough of these shenanigans.

Since becoming the advisor to Lesnar, Heyman has been very protective and supportive of his ‘client’ over the years. This isn’t the first time that he has issued a warning to Goldberg about watching his words when discussing the four-time WWE champion. However, Goldberg has yet to heed these comments at all with his eyes set solely on facing Lesnar once again.

All of this just builds up more steam for the expected second match between the two legends. Their first match wasn’t well received given that both men were leaving the company after WrestleMania XX. Hopefully, this time around there can be a greater appreciation and excitement for this mega match.

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