Paul Pierce Compares Ray Allen To The Most Famous Man In The World



With the announcement of Ray Allen’s retirement, players have come out of the woodwork to comment on his legacy. One of the highest bits of praise he’s received came from Paul Pierce, who compared the star to the most famous man in the world, President Barack Obama:

“I would consider Ray the Barack Obama of the NBA,” Pierce told The Undefeated’s Marc J. Spears. “He spoke really well. Not that he is not intelligent, but he would come off really well. He can convince you pretty much about anything.

Allen was an excellent speaker, especially for an athlete. He was always straight forward and to the point, not rambling and repetitive like a lot of players are in interviews.

“He was like the political side of our basketball team,” Pierce said of Allen. “He was the even-keeled demeanor of our basketball team, which made us so unique. KG was really intense. I was kind of in the middle. Then you had Ray to kind of balance us out.”

Comparing him to the leader of the free world is pretty high praise. In a year that has seen so many legends retire, Allen will stand out as one of the best.

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