Paul Pierce Gives A Surprising Addition To His List Of NBA Superteams



Paul Pierce is entering his last season in the NBA this year after a long and illustrious career. He plans to go out with a bang, with his eyes set on a championship to cap off a fantastic career.

The 10 time All Star and 2008 Championship winner knows it won’t be an easy road. The Clippers have struggled to get out of the second round of the playoffs for years now, and with the addition of Kevin Durant to conference rivals Golden State, things will be harder than ever. But Pierce genuinely believes the Clippers can do it, because he thinks that they’re a superteam just like the Warriors and the Big Three era Miami Heat. Via SBNation:

“To me, I think we have a superteam here. You look at Chris Paul, who’s been a First Team All-NBA. Blake Griffin, First Team. DeAndre Jordan, currently First Team All-NBA. How many teams can currently say that?

“We have the best three-point shooter in the NBA. We have the Sixth Man of the Year. Why is this not a superteam? What defines ‘superteam?’ When you look at those stats and you hear what I’m saying, this could very well, easily be what’s considered a superteam.”

The stats he gives are true, and by those standards it’d be hard to argue against him. But championships don’t go to the team with the best Sixth man, they go to the team with the best record. By those standards, the Clippers haven’t taken things to the level the Warriors or the Cavs have in recent years. If the Clippers can make a deep run in the playoff teams, it might be time to consider them a Super team.

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