Porzingis Opens Up And Lets Spill His True Feelings About Carmello And Derrick Rose


The New York Knicks had their most impressive win so far this season against the Atlanta Hawks on Sunday.  The team has struggled, particularly with defense, but managed to beat the Hawks 104-94.  After the game, the Knicks players said that a team meeting that took place on Saturday was a big factor behind their success.

One big topic for the Knicks has been how to integrate both Kristaps Porizingis and Carmello Anthony.  Anthony is a more senior player and has been an All-Star for years.  However, Porzingis is an incredibly talented player and needs to be developed.  Many have thought that the offense should be run through Porzingis and that this may cause conflict between him and Carmello.  Porzingis opened up about the situation:

“Without Melo, it would be much more difficult for me to get those 30 points, or 28. People don’t realize that. But that’s how it is. He draws a lot of attention, and he’s the main focus for the other team. That opens up stuff for me. So without him, it would be much more difficult.  I’m happy to have him and D-Rose and guys who are really aggressive driving to the basket, who draw so much attention for me to be able to get those wide-open looks and then attack. It’s good sometimes that we have that. Without them, it would be much more difficult.”

Looks like there isn’t as much of a conflict brewing as the media would want you to believe.  The young star has a lot of respect for his more senior teammates and appreciates everyone’s role within the squad.

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