President Obama Makes His Pick For Who Will Appear In And Win The Super Bowl



With the season halfway done, we’re starting to get a picture of which teams are the real deal and which aren’t. Playoff predictions are becoming less a matter of wild guessing and more a matter of analysis. And with people starting to weigh in on who they think will make it, President Obama is ready to make his predictions.

Obama isn’t particularly impressed with this years teams, and thinks most of them are mediocre. That’s why he’s gone with what many might consider safe bets. Via ESPN:

“At this point, you’d have to put your money on [Tom] Brady again. I don’t see any real strong teams. Seattle and Patriots have a rematch [from the 2014 season]. That’s my call.”

Not too much of a surprise there. The Patriots once again look like a team in a league of their own. Love him or hate him, Belichick is an unbelievably good coach who can identify talent and get the most of out his players like no one else in the league. Pete Carroll offers a similar skill set, with a stacked defensive roster to boot.

Obama also predicted that the Golden State Warriors would win this year’s NBA championship, joining virtually every other NBA analyst in assuming that the addition of Kevin Durant gives the team too many offensive weapons to be stopped in a 7 game series.

Just because of [Kevin] Durant, that addition. I think they just have too much firepower. … Although they just got spanked in their first game, so it will take a while to figure things out.

And regarding the World Series, the politician who got his start in Chicago couldn’t possibly pick anyone other than the Cubs.

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