Rajon Rondo Finally Admits What Many Knew About Kings



The Sacramento Kings over the last decade have established the reputation as being a dysfunctional organization. This coupled with their continued struggles on the court has only cemented that notion. In a recent interview with Slam Magazine, Rajon Rondo brought clarity to the perceptions that were present during his one year with the franchise.

I set individual goals that I accomplished last year and I was in Sacramento. If I was on TV and I was in the East, I’m pretty sure leading the League in assists wouldn’t be swept under the rug so much”

“I wouldn’t say it was chaos, but the media portrayed it as chaos. We had ups and downs, we went through certain situations. Publicly talking about firing our coach, didn’t fire our coach. It was a lot of distractions versus what we were able to do as a team.”

Although there may not have been any chaos, the Kings had plenty of distractions. The behind-the-scenes feud between DeMarcus Cousins and then-head coach George Karl were a constant topic of discussion surrounding the team. It took the attention away from the game and only compounded the team’s struggles on the court.

Rondo was able to get past it by putting together a strong individual campaign leading the league in assists while putting himself back in the conversation as one of the top point guards in the league. The decision to leave the Kings may not have been his first choice, but it was likely the best for his career moving forward. Rondo now has a chance to do something special with the Chicago Bulls alongside Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade.

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