Rajon Rondo Has A Shocking Stance About Rick Carlisle



Rajon Rondo’s tenure with the Dallas Mavericks two seasons ago didn’t exactly blissfully by any means. Rondo also didn’t have many kinds words to say about his former head coach Rick Carlisle. However, he changed up his tone a bit recently when discussing his relationship with Carlisle.

“He’s a champion, You can’t take that from me. You can’t take that from him. It just didn’t work out, that two champions couldn’t figure it out.

“I have a lot of respect for Rick. Just because things don’t go well doesn’t mean you hate a person or that the media perception is right. Rick and I had a good relationship in the beginning. We tried to work it out. I worked with him every day on my shot. We watched film together. Not every marriage works. It was a learning process.”

Rondo appears to have learned from his brief time there with the Mavericks. Although he didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye with Carlisle he still respects him and acknowledges the great amount of success ha  had in the league as a coach. It also helps that he is nearly two years removed from the situation, which has given him greater clarity on how everything transpired.

It’s something that just didn’t work out and that happens to be case many times in the NBA. Things don’t always transpire the way it’s hoped, but he has learned from it. This just comes down to being something he can grow from moving forward in his career.

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