Rams Coach Jeff Fisher Attempts To Justify His Insane 4th Quarter Playcalling



When the Rams played the Bills yesterday, coach Jeff Fisher made some calls late in the game that cost his team the game and seemed to make absolutely no sense.

The Rams were trailing 23-16 with 6 minutes to go, and had managed to drive down to inside the 10 yard line. On a 4th down, they decided to kick a field goal instead of going for it. Even if they hadn’t converted, the Rams would have left the Bills with such bad field position that they would have surely gotten the ball back. Instead, they took the conservative route and went for the field goal.

But just a few minutes later, Fisher forget all about conservative play calling. In a 4th and 5 situation on their own 23 yard line, they opted to go for a fake punt instead of using Pro Bowl punter Johnny Hecker to pin the Bills deep and get the back back again. Unsurprisingly, the fake punt backfired and they gained no yards. Those kinds of plays rarely work in the NFL.

Here’s Fishers explanation for his bizarre calls:

“The reason for [taking] the points is I was playing to win,” Fisher said in his postgame press conference.

Then, on the fake punt:

Fisher said he “liked the look” they got from Buffalo, but a good look wasn’t enough.

“I wouldn’t have called it if I didn’t think it would work,” Fisher said. “That’s how those things are. We practiced it all week, we had the look and it didn’t work. I’ll take that. They executed it in practice, they didn’t execute it there. If that thing works, it’s good stuff. It’s really good stuff. It didn’t and they don’t always work. That type of approach in special teams has taken us a long way.”

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