Randy Foye Has An Interesting Stance Concerning Jeremy Lin



In the offseason, Jeremy Lin made the decision to sign with the Brooklyn Nets in hopes of rekindling his career. There has been talk that the Nets would feature him as the next face of the franchise. In light of that, his teammate Randy Foye recently had some high praise for Lin.

“We have been playing in the backcourt for at least three weeks now, and he’s just been amazing. Like, I think he’s going to shock a lot of people too. Because his work ethic is unbelievable.”

There’s no question that Lin is a proven NBA player, but this news should make Nets fans excited. The 28-year-old has an opportunity to put up big numbers in a major role with no competition at his position on the role. This could be his chance to respark his career.

However, there are many naysayers including New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony that have their doubts that he can fulfill that. Through the first six years of his career, he’s averaging 11.7 points 4.4 assists in 26.8 minutes per game. Ultimately, the table is set for him to finally make his aspirations come to fruition.

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