Randy Orton Talks A Blatant Shot At Conor McGregor



Several months ago, there much ruckus on social media after Conor McGregor took some strong shots at the WWE. This had elicited a huge reaction from many in and around the company. In light of that, Randy Orton was the latest to chime in on the situation.

Orton’s stance didn’t sound like he took much weight into what McGregor stated. Many in the industry have made the connection that he used the opportunity to further promote himself. McGregor has become a master pitchman for himself and has to this point backed it up.

Along those same lines, there are various reports that the WWE is interested in bringing McGregor on board at some point. The UFC star’s agent has stated he would be willing to consider it if the money is right. It could be just a matter of time before something it is worked out on both sides.

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