Ravens Receiver Issues Serious Threat For Giants Kicker Over Domestic Violence Charges



The NFL finds itself once again in the midst of a controversy surrounding domestic violence. Reports surfaced earlier this week that Giants kick Josh Brown admitted to physically assaulting his now ex-wife. Representatives from the NFL and the Giants front office have both attempted to distance themselves from the issue, even though Brown’s ex-wife claims that both the league and the team were aware of the domestic violence issues and did not act upon them.

Many fans are understandably angry and upset that the NFL has yet again dropped the ball on an important and awful issue. Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. is so angry that he wants to take the issue into his own hands. He called Brown and the NFL out on Twitter, accusing the league of not caring about the issue while threatening to beat Brown and put him on the injury reserve list.

The issue is probably a sore spot for Smith, who saw the Ray Rice debacle up close and personal while they were teammates. Brown served a one game suspension earlier at the start of the season, despite claiming over and over and over again that they’ll start issuing serious punishments. While threats aren’t ok, it’s easy to understand why Smith wants to fight Brown, given the complete inaction of both the league and the Giants.

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