Rex Ryan Grills Richard Sherman On The Sideline With These Ten Scathing Words



Richard Sherman was the center of attention during the Seattle Seahawks’ win over the Buffalo Bills on Monday night. It wasn’t all positive, though.In the final seconds of the first half, Sherman hit Bills kicker Dan Carpenter low, but it wasn’t flagged because he was ruled offsides. The Bills were forced to re-kick it twice more, resulting in a missed field goal after a delay of game penalty. The three consecutive plays were certainly controversial, which understandably had everyone on Buffalo’s sideline fuming. Their frustration didn’t subside as the game went on, either – especially for Rex Ryan. After Sherman’s interception, Ryan had some words with the Seahawks’ star cornerback along the sideline.

“He’s mean-mugging like he’s always doing and whatever,” Ryan told reporters after the game. “Guy’s a great player, but he does, you know. I guess it wasn’t as bad as I thought, I thought he roughed our kicker. It was a ridiculous play, no question. Then he’s over on the sideline basically taunting us, so I had some words. I think I said ‘You’re too good a player to act like an ass.’ I think that’s what I said.”

Sherman didn’t say anything back to Ryan as evidenced by the video, which he reiterated to reporters in the locker room later on. He took a jab at the Bills in the process.

“I didn’t hear what he said. I’m sure he said something, you’d have to ask him. I didn’t hear him,” Sherman said. “Our stadium is too loud, and they were going crazy right there. I didn’t say anything, I just looked at him.”

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