Rey Mysterio Opens up About WWE Bringing Back Cruiserweight Division



Immediately following the brand split draft a few months ago, the WWE reintroduced the cruiserweight division back to the main roster. It has created a lot of positive feedback around the business. In a recent interview with Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast, Rey Mysterio discussed how the cruiserweight division struggled to stay afloat during his time.

“It took some time for them to eventually develop that whole division. It was around for awhile, 2001, when I was part of that company, at the beginning, and it kind of just drifted off and disappeared. For a long time, Dean Malenko spoke about it and was trying to pursue to keep that division up and running because the cruiserweights were the ones bringing all the action, bringing all the excitement to the ring. For some reason or another, they didn’t listen.”

Mysterio was one of the original members of that division on WCW and carried it over to the WWE being an eight-time cruiserweight champion. He was at the forefront of helping make it one of the most popular parts of the business.  However, it never really stuck long-term for the company because of the lack of attention toward it.

The WWE is hoping that this reboot of it could recapture some of that old flair that was there. However, the only thing going on at the moment for the division is a strong storyline between Brian Kendricks and TJ Perkins. Aside from that there isn’t much going on. If the WWE is hoping to keep it going, there must be some more development of the characters on the programs aside from those two.

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