Rey Mysterio Reveals His Greatest Influence In The Ring



Rey Mysterio has a long and extremely successful professional wrestling career. Along the way, he has made lasting relationships with many wrestlers. In a recent interview with The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, Mysterio revealed who was one of his biggest influences in his career.

“With Eddie it was such an incredible bond. It was such a good, honest relationship connection, a brother-like, mentor-like connection that we had and honestly there will never be anybody in this lifetime that will see in any way, shape or form what Eddie was. But despite the fact that with Eddie it is funny the connection you have with someone outside of the ring that you can have that connection inside the ring and you could completely trust him with anything and that was Eddie. I had so much guidance from him in a spiritual way and in the ring that I still say in some way or form I’ve become the person that I am now because he had a lot of influence in my life.”

Guerrero is widely regarded as one of the best wrestlers to ever step in the ring. Mysterio had developed a strong bond with him over the years prior to his passing in 2005. It’s not surprising to hear that Guerrero rubbed off on his tremendously.

Latino Heat’s impact has even been referenced with this New Era generation of superstars in the WWE. Current Raw women’s champion Sasha Banks has stated that he is the primary reason why she wanted to become a professional wrestler. Although Guerrero has passed away, his influence on the professional wrestling world will be everlasting.

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