Ric Flair Has Some Huge Praise For Randy Orton



Despite being out of the ring for the last several years, there is still plenty of weight to what is said by WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. He has kept a pulse on the business and is back in the mix being involved Charlotte’s feud with Sasha Banks. In light of that, Flair stated on a recent episode of his podcast that he believes Randy Orton is one of the top wrestlers in the WWE right now.

“The team I really like was Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton. Well, I think it’s something people didn’t expect to see happen. I think it’s refreshing. I think it’s new. I think Bray is a phenomenal talent. I think Randy is one of the top two performers in the business, so it’s great for business. It’s great for them. They definitely are the best tag team in the business right now.”

This is some huge praise coming from one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. That said, Orton has been one of the biggest stars in the WWE over the last decade having 15 total title reigns. He has accomplished much in the ring that could make him a Hall of Famer one day.
Orton looks like he will add to that with his current storyline as Smackdown Live tag team champions alongside Bray Wyatt. This new angle has seemed to reinvigorate his push in the business and made him a much more beloved wrestler among the WWE Universe. There could be a lot more to come in Orton’s career over the next few years.

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