Ric Flair Just Revealed Which WWE Legend Was His Worst Opponent



Ric Flair had an illustrious professional wrestling career that spans over three decades. During this time, he has wrestled various other superstars.  In a recent episode of “The Ric Flair Show” podcast, Flair revealed which wrestler gave him his worst matches in the ring.

“I’m wrestling the Warrior in Winnipeg [Canada], right? I’m the champion. And the match, Mike, probably, the second worst match I ever had in my life. The first being when I wrestled The Warrior in Phoenix [Arizona] and he dropped me on my head. Okay? So I come back from the ring. I knew the match just was absolutely brutal. And Pat Patterson goes to me, ‘that was the worst f–king match I’ve ever seen in my life’. And I said, ‘you’re telling me, motherf–ker? I was in it!'”

It’s not surprising to hear that the Ultimate Warrior was the one to give him his worst matches. During his heyday, he had the reputation for being a sloppy but stiff wrestler in the ring that made for many bouts that were just simply hard to watch. He had a great on-air personality made for the professional wrestling world, but his in-ring skills were extremely limited.

For Flair to state something like this about the Ultimate Warrior should carry a lot of weight. He is regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time and has put on quite a few top notch matches over his career. It just goes to show that the Warriors’ skills in the ring were much more of a concern than previously let on.

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