Roman Reigns Found A Clever Way To Get Back At Some Haters



In the last couple of years, Roman Reigns hasn’t been much of a stranger to fan backlash. He has become one of the most polarizing superstars in the WWE. In light of that, Reigns recently responded to some Twitter haters and dished it right back.

This is just a small portion of negative feedback that Reigns receives on a daily basis. He has dealt with this level of scrutiny since the WWE decided to push him as one of the major faces in the business. Many hardcore wrestling fans have issue with him due to the fact that he doesn’t have the characteristics necessary to be a top WWE superstar because of his limited move set, lack of microphone skills, and predictable matches.

Despite that, Reigns has built a strong reputation for having a strong work ethic among his colleagues and former wrestlers. Although he has drawn so much hate, it just speaks to the impact that he has made in the business because not many superstars can get the reaction that he gets from the crowd. All in all, Reigns just found a clever opportunity to get back at his hater.

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