Russell Westbrook Has Finally Had The Last Straw With Kevin Durant Questions



In the few months since Kevin Durant decided to join the Golden State Warriors, his former teammate Russell Westbrook has faced the constant barrage of questions regarding his choice. It has gotten to the point that Westbrook has been asked to give his reaction to every little thing that Durant has stated. When the five-time All-Star was recently told about his former teammate’s comments regarding the Warriors feeling like a family environment he finally had enough.

There’s no reason to blame Westbrook for feeling this way about the situation. It’s something that has happened and he’s trying to move on from it. His main focus is on doing his best in helping the Oklahoma City Thunder achieve as much success as possible.

His relationship with Durant is clearly damaged beyond repair on the court, but it’s something that no longer concerns Westbrook. The former league MVP is now an opponent that he has to face on a consistent basis for the foreseeable future. All in all, Westbrook is just trying to turn the page on the entire situation.

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