Russell Westbrook Has Made It Quite Clear He’s Tired of Questioning Regarding Kevin Durant



Once Kevin Durant made the decision to bolt the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors in free agency, Russell Westbrook has been bombarded with questions pertaining to his former teammate. It has been a constant thing even when the Thunder are playing a game that doesn’t involve Durant. In light of that, Westbrook has made it clear has had enough of the questions thrown in his direction.

“Like I said in Oklahoma City, I don’t know if you guys know, but I’m not answering any more Kevin questions,” Westbrook told reporters postgame. “If you want to talk about basketball, I’m more than welcome to talk about that. But other than that.”

Westbrook had made that known just before the season started, but apparently, it didn’t ring through after Thursday’s win against the Los Angeles Clippers. It likely won’t be the last time that a reporter asks him a question pertaining to Durant. If that instance arises again, expect a sarcastic response or a non-answer from Westbrook.

Although Durant has been more vocal about the move, he is tired of the questioning over the last few months. It will continue to be a constant topic of discussion for him this entire season, especially if the Warriors fall short of an NBA title. Until then, both players should continue to anticipate the lining of questioning to persist.

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