Russell Westbrook Just Tied Lebron James On This Crazy Record List


Lebron James is considered to be the best basketball player of his generation.  Many would go so far as to say he is the best player of all time, although that is still very much up for debate.  Russell Westbrook is also considered an amazing player but isn’t usually considered to be quite as good as James.  However, the way things are going so far, maybe people should think about him differently.

Westbrook has completely taken over a Thunder team that use to, at least in part, belong to Kevin Durant.  Since taking charge, Westbrook has been having a stellar season.  And with his most recent triple double, Westbrook has tied Lebron on this crazy record list:

That is crazy to think Westbrook and Lebron are tied.  Despite this, Westbrook needs to win a couple of championship before he can consider himself to be in Lebron’s league.

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