Russell Wilson Announces Huge Partnership To Help Resurrect The Super Sonics



Ever since Clay Bennett took the Super Sonics away from Seattle for a free stadium in Oklahoma, the city has been desperate to bring the team back. While the recent success of the Seahawks has helped, the city loves it’s basketball.

Now that the NBA is talking about expansion, it seems like a real possibility. And Russell Wilson, Seattle’s most popular athlete, is throwing his weight behind the effort. He’s announced a partnership with Sonics Arena Group, a private organization that is planning to privately fund a stadium for use for NBA and NHL expansion teams in the city. While Wilson doesn’t have the financial strength of others involved, like the Nordstroms and former Sonics exec Willy Walker, he has the popularity and brand recognition that the group needs.

After the new CBA is signed by the league and the players union, expansion talks will resume. Seattle is a primary candidate, given the built in fan base who are begging for their team back.

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