Ryback Drops A HUGE Bomb About the WWE



When Ryback first entered the WWE he was a part of the promising group the Nexus. It was a short-lived stable that could have been the next big thing. In a recent interview with The Big Guy, Ryback opened up his dealings with Vince McMahon involving John Cena.

“At that time, with all the Nexus stuff, we were told to not, like, associate with the other guys. It was, kayfabe was in full effect. We had to ride together, workout together, not talk to any of the [other WWE performers]. If we saw John Cena in the gym, we weren’t even to look at him. It was like that enforced or so we thought at the time.”

The Nexus was an experimental group for the first few months was garnered a growing following. It’s not surprising to hear that McMahon didn’t want them to interact with the main roster. There was no guarantee that they were to going to work out for the company.
However, their downfall was losing to John Cena at multiple pay-per-view events. It dispelled all the momentum building up when they first were introduced with the WWE. This is something that the WWE likely wishes that they handled differently.

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