Sam Mitchell Shells Out Huge Praise Toward One of His Former Players



Sam Mitchell has had a long coaching career over the years. Mitchell has had the privilege to coach hundreds of players over that time. In a recent interview with the Bleacher Report, he voiced much praise toward Karl-Anthony Towns.

“The thing that I enjoyed coaching about Karl is that the more you gave him, the more he could handle,” Mitchell said. “My attitude with Karl was the more you show me of the things that you can do, then I’m going to give you more. It was easy coaching Karl, because he has such a high basketball IQ. He loves playing. That’s the first thing—he loves it. And then he wants to be special.”

Towns is one of the rising stars in the league coming off a highly productive rookie campaign that saw him become the unanimous choice for Rookie of the Year joining the likes of Damian Lillard (2012-13 ), Blake Griffin (2010-11), David Robinson (1989-90) and Ralph Sampson (1983-84) as only other unanimous winners in the last 32 years. He led all rookies in scoring (18.3), rebounding (10.5) and finished second in blocks (1.68), which also made him the only player in the league to post those numbers. He has quickly shown that he can be an absolute force on the court with an extremely high ceiling of potential.

Towns is one of the primary reason for optimism surrounding the Minnesota Timberwolves, who many believe could make the playoff this upcoming season. The 20-year-old could also see himself be thrust into the conversation as one of the best players in the NBA in a short matter of time. The best could be yet to come for Towns in what could be a very illustrious career.

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