Sasha Banks Believes WWE Is Lacking A Certain Element



In the last year, Sasha Banks has risen to prominence on the main roster in the WWE. During that time, she has helped further revolutionize the women’s division. In a recent interview on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Banks voiced her desire to see the amount of women wrestlers expand on the main roster.

“I think it’s good that we’re split and more opportunities can happen for women, but we really don’t have enough women. Like, I wrestle the same people every single week, Dana Brooke or Charlotte, Charlotte, Dana Brooke. There [are] only six of us and I think that’s the hardest part, just we need more faces on RAW.”

The fact that there are just six women wrestlers on each roster limits the amount of storylines and rivalry that can exist. This in itself puts a cap on the potential that the women can have in the WWE. It has been a problem that the company has had for quite some time.

That said, there is just one title for the women’s division. There is only so much that can be done with one belt up for grabs whereas the men have several different titles. If the number of women wrestlers were expanded, it could include a women’s tag team title on both shows. All in all, Banks brings up a valid point that the WWE should seriously consider.

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