Sasha Banks Opens Up About Historic Hell in A Cell Match



In just a few days, the WWE will make history with the very first Hell in a Cell match that will feature women competitors. One of which will be the reigning Raw women’s champion Sasha Banks. In a recent interview with Foxsports, Banks discussed her upcoming match in her hometown.

Absolutely not. I honestly don’t go through my Twitter and read stuff, so I don’t know who is saying these things. For me – I’ve always told myself ‘I can only do me in the ring.’ When I go out there and perform, I can only do what Sasha Banks can do. I can’t watch Roman Reigns’ match and be like ‘hey, I have to do a different Roman Reigns because he does this.’ No, I can only do what Sasha Banks does.

I’m trying to not put pressure on myself because I usually always do, and Hell in a Cell is going to be in my hometown of Boston… I don’t know if that adds pressure for me or makes it more calm for me. For me, all I know is I can put it in God’s hands and everything happens for a reason. I know I’m definitely going to be banged up and bruised after this match, but I don’t think they would have given us this match if they didn’t think we were capable of it.

The 24-year-old appears to be well prepared for what is coming ahead in this brutal match. There will be many risky moves taken and it will take the utmost precision and care with each move to prevent any major injury. As past Hell in a Cell matches have shown, one miscue could land them in the hospital ward.

That said, Banks and Charlotte have a prime opportunity to put the women’s division on the map. This could be their chance to making wrestling fans finally take women superstars serious. All in all, there’s a lot on the table in this match this upcoming weekend.

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