Scott Brooks Is Extremely Disappointed In Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook



Since Kevin Durant decided to bolt the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors in free agency, there has been a lot made of the relationship between he and Russell Westbrook. There has been an obvious disconnect between the two players. In light of that, their former head coach Scott Brooks recently told the Oklahoman’s Erik Horne that he’s disappointed about the what has transpired between the both of them.

“It doesn’t make me feel good. As a coach of the team … when you’re coaching a group of athletic, competitive-minded players, you’re gonna have arguments, you’re gonna have disagreements, but you have to be able to keep the group together. I thought the staff did a great job of doing that with a lot of people trying to separate them.”

Brooks more than anybody else knows the type of relationship that Durant and Westbrook shared during their time together in Oklahoma City. Seeing them have no communication must be a stirring sight for him given how close they were having grown up through the organization together. The two had developed a special bond that helped them push themselves and the Thunder to great heights.

That said, this is an issue that is going to take plenty of time to heal. The further along in the past that Durant’s decision gets the more likely that these two will hash things out. This is something that simply requires more time to get fully past.

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