Scott Hall Believes That A WWE Legend Is Nearing His Return



In the last several weeks, there has been a growing sense that Hulk Hogan could make his return back to the WWE. However, there was a cloud of the entire situation regarding his sex tape that Gawker revealed. In light of that, Scott Hall recently told Sports Illustrated that he believes Hogan will be back soon.

“Yes, Hulk will be back,” said Hall. “After a thirty-three year relationship with the WWE, he had a bad day—and that bad day was nearly ten years ago. That sex tape happened during a brutal time in his life. He was going through a divorce, his son Nick was in a car crash, paralyzed his buddy, and was facing jail time. His daughter was starting her hip-hop career, and Hulk was backing that, paying money out of his own pocket for that. The whole world was coming down on him, and he slipped up. He said the wrong thing. I’ve been around Hulk a lot and never seen that side of him. I’ve only seen a kind, generous guy. If the door is not open for him, it should be.”

The reason for this delay has been a couple of situations surrounding Hogan. The most recent is the sex tape lawsuit that made headlines for a several weeks a few months ago. The other was a recording of him using vulgar and racist language that was demeaning of African-Americans.

Now there is more than enough space from that, it could open up way to Hogan returning in the near future. This could be in time for WrestleMania 33 or possibly the Royal Rumble. Ultimately, it looks like Hogan will be back at some point.

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