Scott Hall Strongly Believe WWE Should Still Be Pushing One Superstar



In the last couple of years, Roman Reigns has received a lot of pushback from the WWE Universe for a variety of reasons. He has become one of the most popular superstars but hasn’t earned that kind of respect from hardcore wrestling fans. In light of that, former WWE superstar Scott Hall recently told Sports illustrated that he believes the company should have continued to push him as the main guy.

“I would have kept pushing the guy. I didn’t like what they did when he put Finn Bálor over on Raw and they humbled him after the match. He had to do an interview in the aisle after he lost and put Bálor over again. But that was on the heels of something happening with him and the Wellness Program. There is only one place to work now, so things have tightened up. If you don’t like it, what are you going to do? So Vince is cracking the whip, and everybody’s got to get in line. When I was there, they drug tested. Sometimes, in a ten-day loop, we’d have four drug tests. They cracked the whip then too, and everybody got in line. If you want to work in the United States, there is only one place to work—and that is WWE. If they’re running a tight ship, then get in line.”

 Hall has a point in terms of Reigns getting the brunt end of the deal after his return from his 30-day suspension. It was quite clear that Vince McMahon was angered by him violating the company’s wellness policy. This had put him on the outs with McMahon, but he was able to stay in the thick of things in the United States championship picture.
Reigns may have made a mistake, but he’s a hard-worker in the business that does have talent. He is also a polarizing superstar that draws a huge reaction from the crowd on both ends of the spectrum. At the end of the day, that is hard to come by in the WWE and turn down.

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