Seth Rollins’ Former Trainer Has A Surprising Reaction To Unsafe Notion



In the last couple of years, Seth Rollins has had to deal with the constant notion that he’s a reckless wrestler in the ring. It only heightened after the torn labrum that Finn Balor suffered against him at SummerSlam. In light of that, his former WWE head trainer Bil DeMott weighed in on all of this in a recent interview with Planeta Wrestling

“I would not even try to compare my knowledge to Bret Hart nor would I question his thinking, that being said I do not think it is anything more than coincidence that all this happened around Seth. Rollins is one of the best there is and I would put my career in his hands any day. Things happen people get hurt and someone has to get “blamed” unfortunately it doesn’t always end in favor of both participants but I would bet anything ALL of this men would get back in the ring with Seth and he is a professional as they get. He is the future of the business.”

DeMott is referencing the comments that Bret Hart had made a few weeks ago about Rollins being unsafe in the ring because of the few superstars that he has hurt over the last two years. Injuries do happen in this industry and they have become a common occurrence regardless of the situation. Many of the business’ top superstars have had to miss extended periods of time because of injuries that they suffered.

The fact of the matter is that it’s a year-round job that doesn’t give the wrestlers any time off to recover. This makes injuries an almost inevitable thing for nearly everyone involved. That said, it’s going to be hard for Rollins to shed the “reckless” stigma with high-profile former wrestlers such as Hart labeling him with that.

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