Seth Rollins May Have Hinted At Something Wrestling Fans Have Been Eyeing



In the last few weeks, there have been subtle hints a possible reunion between of the Shield. It has been a subplot that could develop legs. During a recent Q&A interview that promoted WWE’s European tour, Seth Rollins hinted that this may be the case some time in the near future.

There’s always room to mend broken hearts, I suppose. You never know. I suppose with Ambrose over on Smackdown and Roman and I on Raw, obviously, the reunion-reunion is not going to happen anytime soon. Ambrose is kind of kicking butt over there and we’re doing our thing on Raw.

I’m not opposed to the idea. Down the road, if the time is right and it feels good, maybe I’ll strap a vest on again and see what happens.

There was more fuel to the fire in this possibility as three members all powerbombed AJ Styles through the Spanish announcer table during the 5-on-5 match at Survivor Series. It’s something that may have to wait as Dean Ambrose is currently on the Smackdown Live roster away from Rollins and Roman Reigns, who are both on Raw. Unless these parameters changes, this is just something to be mindful of moving forward.

During their heyday, The Shield was a force to reckon with in the WWE. Their stable gained a strong following from wrestling fans as it was change up from the norm as they carved their own avenue in the business. If they were to indeed come back, expect a similar reaction from the WWE Universe.

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