Shaquille O’Neal Has Some Words Of Advice For Hassan Whiteside



Shaquille O’Neal put together a Hall of Fame career that saw him achieve much success in the NBA. This has also helped provide him the stage to offer help to today’s players. According to the Associated Press, O’Neal had some keen advice for Heat center Hassan Whiteside when they recently met.

When I met him, he was just, `Big fella, you’ve got to dunk everything. I like how you play. Dunk everything’.

It looks like Whiteside has quickly taken this to heart as he finished third in the league in field goal percentage at 60.6 while averaging a double-double with1 4.2 points, 11.8 rebounds, and a league-best 3.7 blocks. He has become a force around the rim on both ends of the floor that has made such a valuable and game-changing player. What is most encouraging is that he has only shown continued improvement over his first two full seasons with Miami.

Whiteside will have an opportunity to expand on that further in a larger offensive compacity with Dwyane Wade deciding to leave via free agency. He could become the new face of the franchise with Wade gone while also taking his stardom to the next level. The table is set for Whiteside, it just a matter of taking advantage of the situation.

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