Shaun Livingston Pays It Forward To His Community In A Massive Way



Shaun Livingston almost saw his NBA career end before it really got started back in 2007 when he tore his ACL, MCL and PCL. Instead, he’s now got a championship ring, another finals appearance, and a $16 million contract. He’s thankful for what he’s got, and ready to give back.

That starts in a big way with his hometown, specifically his elementary school. He announced that he’s donating $1 million to the school in Peoria, Illinois where he spent his formative years.

“As soon as I got in the NBA, I was thinking about it. Wanting to use my influence and resources to help different communities.”

Particularly this one, a place he feels so connected. “It made the most difference in who I am, my foundation, building blocks.”

The former 4th overall pick isn’t the highest paid player in the league by a long shot, but he met with his financial advisors to figure out what the biggest sum he could give was.

“I talked it out with my financial advisor and made it work. It was of the utmost importance. It was something I wanted to do.”

“It meant more to me than any basketball game.”

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