Shawn Michaels Reveals Why He Didn’t Want To Go To Smackdown



Shawn Michaels had a Hall of Fame career in the ring that was spent almost entirely with the WWE. During this time, he made his appearance solely on Raw. In a recent interview withvideo broadcast on Facebook, Michaels revealed why that was the case.

“There are things I wouldn’t compromise on” Michaels said. “There was a time in my career after I went back that they wanted me to go over to Smackdown, which taped on Tuesday nights, which would have affected my wife’s bible study and mine. And it was just something that I wasn’t going to do. (WWE said) “we can’t cut your contract in half.” Do whatever you gotta do, I said you need to understand the good Lord has already decided how much I’m going to make this year, there’s nothing you can do to change it, so.”

In the last couple of weeks, Michaels has been forthcoming about his personal life. During his career, he had major issues with both drug and alcohol addiction. This was the case until he decided to commit to Christianity, which helped him straighten out his life.

Although it’s great that he had a valid reason behind the decision, wrestling fans missed out on some great matches. There are numerous opponents that he could have faced namely Eddie Guerrero and Booker T. Despite that, there’s no reason to blame Michaels for sticking to his position.

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