Sin Cara Responds To Chris Jiercho’s Mask Situation



In the last few days, there has been plenty made of Chris Jericho’s decision to wear a Sin Cara mask at this week’s episode of Raw. It made reference to a spat that the two wrestlers had during the WWE’s recent European tour. In light of that, Sin Cara has finally weighed in the topic at hand.

This looks like a light-hearted response from Sin Cara as he’s past the entire incident. This comes after Jericho had stated he wore the mask as a jab to the internet critics. With both men already speaking publicly about the situation, it seems like nothing more than a footnote now.

Jericho just thought he could do that just to poke a little fun at those making a better deal out of it than it really is. Sin Cara also got a kick out of it as well. Hopefully, this can put an end to all the speculation and discussion surrounding this minor incident.

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