Sources Say Phil Jackson Only Took Knicks Job Because Of Outrageous Salary Offer


Phil Jackson is a legendary coach in the NBA world.  Many would consider him to be the greatest of all time with his 11 NBA Championships as a coach.  This is why New York Knick fans were overjoyed when he signed a 5 year $60 million contract to take over as president of the team.  Basketball fans in New York thought that they had a brighter future to look forward to.

It seemed that Phil Jackson took the Knicks job despite interest from Chicago and Los Angeles as well.  Much of the narrative focussed on the fact that Jackson had a special love for the Knicks and thought they had a lot of potential which he could have full control over.  However, sources are saying that he did not really want the Knicks position but that the contract was too lucrative to pass up.  Ex-Bulls GM Jerry Krause said this:

Should Knicks fans believe this?  And what does it mean for hopes going forward?  Only time will tell if Jackson can turn the Knicks around.

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