Splash Brother Klay Thompson May Be On His Way Out of Golden State


Klay Thompson is one half of the Warriors’ dynamic duo known as the Splash Brothers.  Together with Steph and the Warriors he went to back to back NBA Championships.  Thompson also currently holds the single quarter scoring record with and unreal 37 points.  Despite his undeniable skill, Thompson started this season relatively slow.

Thompson had been in a bit of a scoring slump which many attribute to growing pains while the Warriors try to incorporate Kevin Durant into their already stellar offense.  However, over the past few games Thompson has pulled himself out of the slump.  Last night, he put up 30 points on 61.1% shooting.  It seems that with his shooting returning, the trade rumors have come with it.  Brian Scalabrine shared a trade idea that involves his former team:

Klay Thompson to the Celtics would be blockbuster trade but who knows how serious the rumors are.  For now, the Warriors will continue to try and work out any problems they have and hope for the best.

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