Steph Curry Is Heated After Charles Barkley Announces Top 3 Players In The World


It didn’t take Charles Barkley long to start stirring up controversy this NBA Season. Only a few minutes into Tuesday night’s TNT NBA Tip-Off, Barkley let the world know who he thinks are the top three players in the world.

Not surprisingly, Barkley placed Lebron James in the number one spot. However, his choice of Klay Thompson as the second best player raised some disagreement from his cohosts. After Thompson, he had Kawhi Leonard as the next best player. Take a look at how it went down below:

Charles Barkley believes Klay Thompson is the 2nd best basketball player in the world.

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Clearly, Barkley doesn’t think too much of last year’s MVP Steph Curry as he didn’t place him in the discussion.  When reminded about Kevin Durant, Barkley quickly said that he has him right after the guys he already mentioned.  It will be interesting to see if Barkley’s rankings change after Kevind Durant’s first year with the Warriors.

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