Stephanie McMahon Now Has Another Reason To Be Excited About WWE



Over the last several years, Stephanie Mcmahon has taken up a prominent role with the WWE. She has had significant control on how the program operates on a daily basis. According to Wrestling Inc., it appears that will at least extend through the next couple of years after signing a contract extension.

The contract extension will see Stephanie stay with the company at least through October 7th, 2019. The deal will then be extended yearly until either party gives a 90-day notice prior to the termination date.

It had seemed like it was all but a forgone conclusion that she would remain in her position for the foreseeable future. The contract extension just further extenuates that notion to the public. She is currently the chief brand officer of the WWE and the on-air commissioner for Raw.

If the McMahons don’t sell the WWE at any point, it’s safe to assume that Stephanie and Triple H will take over as the primary decision makers whenever Vince McMahon finally steps down. She knows all the ins and out of the business and has helped keep them as the top professional wrestling brand in the world. All in all, this contract extension is just a formality.

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