Stephen Curry Lashes Back At Draymond Green Critics



Last week, ESPN published an article that detailed the issue that has arisen with Draymond Green. Since then, a few players on the team have responded to the piece. According to USA TODAY Sports’ Sam Amick, Stephen Curry has finally chimed in the topic at hand.

We see every single day what goes on, what a guy like Draymond brings to the table for us, how he makes us better, how KD does that for us, what Klay does for us, all the way down the list.

And we appreciate everybody’s role. We appreciate what our common goal is. When we get back in the locker room, and practice, and when we’re by ourselves, the mood is pretty solid, something that I’m pretty confident will allow us to have maturity when it comes to the noise around us and how we handle it and not letting that affect how we play on the court and how we see each other and let that get in the way. I’m going to do my part in trying to lead that charge, and make sure it’s all about basketball.”

Green clearly has the support and respect from his teammates. This just looks like it was a report to kind of stir things up with the Warriors just in case things don’t work out. It gives someone to point the finger at if the Warriors fall short of an NBA title next season.

At this point, it’s just something that will make headlines and keep the critics chirping about something trivial. Green has become an extremely valuable asset to the Warriors that has helped them get to back-to-back NBA Finals including their first championship in 40 years. Ultimately, this narrative will only draw traction if they begin to stumble a bit.

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