Steve Kerr and Luke Walton Take Jabs At Each Other Before Facing Off For First Time As Head Coaches



After two years as an assistant coach, including a long period as interim head coach, with the Golden State Warriors, Luke Walton is now a head coach himself. He left for the Lakers right after Game 7 of the finals, and has been hard at work getting the team back in shape.

Tonight he faces off with his old boss and his old team for the first time as the Lakers take on the Warriors. It wouldn’t be a proper match up of apprentice and master without a few light hearted jabs, and Coach Kerr delivered. Here’s what he said about the match up:

Walton wasn’t going to let Kerr have the last word, so he hit him back with this:

“Well, you tell Steve that Lou Williams isn’t playing either, so he can have his full opportunity, too.”

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