Steve Kerr Finally Admits Something About The Warriors We All Know



The Golden State Warriors through the first three games of the seasons have shown noticeable struggles on the court. It’s obvious that there are necessary adjustments needed to be made in order to meet their lofty level of expectation. According to, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has finally admitted that things are not moving along as smooth as they would have liked at this point.

“We were frustrated in the first half. You guys can all see it. This is not coming easily. We have a new team and a lot of different faces, but even for the returning guys, it’s a different mix. We’re not clicking and everybody can see that.”

The issues are not on the offensive end of things but lie on their defense in the paint. The Warriors’ current roster lacks a true rim protector due to the departure of Andrew Bogut and Fetus Ezeli. It has resulted in them giving up the most points per game in the league (114.3).

Golden State will continue to have this issue until they are able to find a player that fulfills that defensive need in the middle for the team. These defensive disparities will lessen as the team builds stronger chemistry, but it’s something that should be kept an eye. If the Warriors want to win a championship this season, this issue must be resolved at some point in time.

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