Steve Kerr Roasts His Own Team About Lakers Performance



The Warriors have proved so far in this season that it’s going to take some time for the team to mesh. They have any will continue to lose some games that they really shouldn’t. But that still doesn’t fully explain the bizarre beat down the Warriors received on Friday.

The Lakers beat the Warriors 117-97. Not only that, but they held the Splash Bros. to 2 three pointers on 20 attempts, breaking Curry’s 157 game 3 point streak in the process. Last year, when the Warriors broke the record for regular season wins, they lost an even worse Lakers team, albeit one with Kobe still on the roster. The losses don’t seem to both Head Coach Steve Kerr though, who brushed them off with a self deprecating joke about his team:

The Warriors aren’t going to be perfect this year, but the Lakers are in a rebuilding season and absolutely should not beat the Warriors, especially by 20 points. Maybe Kerr should take things a little more seriously.

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