Steve Kerr Sets This Absolutely Ridiculous Record


Steve Kerr took over the reins of the Golden State Warriors in 2014.  He replaced former coach Mark Jackson who had taken Golden State to the playoffs in back to back years.  The Warriors organization thought that they could do better than first round playoff exits and thought that Kerr was the man for the job.

All signs so far show that it was the best decision they could have made.  If you need evidence, look at this insane record that Steve Kerr just set:

He reached the 150 win mark in only 176 games.  Wow.  Like the Warriors single season win record, it seems like a record that will never be broken.  Despite this milestone, the Warriors and Kerr have to stay focused on the future.  They look to continue their journey towards the playoffs and a chance to avenge last year’s loss in the finals.

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