Stone Cold Steve Austin Has Some Keen Advice That Roman Reigns Should Follow



Over the last couple of years, Roman Reigns has seen a lot of criticism being shifted his way. He’s one of the WWE’s biggest superstars but has struggled to find consistent headway with the wrestling fanbase. In light of that, Stone Cold Steve Austin recently provided some advice to help Reigns solve that problem.

“He needs a little bit more fire on the offense, a little more active, sell on the run on defense. I think that’d help him out.” Austin observed, “he needs to pick his head up. He needs to sell on the run, be more active. He has a bad habit of dying when he sells. To his credit, he will sell for anybody. He’s very unselfish in the ring in regards to that. But because he sells so much, he just needs a more active sell to keep those people buying in, so he can get that sympathy. He’s a big, good looking guy. He’s putting his game together. Come up with better storylines for the guy. I still have high hopes for Roman Reigns.”

Reigns has the physic and appeal of a superstar in the business but has struggled with his in-ring performance. He puts him maximum effort but his limited move set and predictable matches have made a less interesting wrestler. If he follows Stone Cold’s advice it could help boost support for him, especially if he were to turn heel.

Reigns has played the babyface role for long enough and it has run its course. This could be the huge change that he needs in order to reboot his character and create a stronger following. With former wrestlers like Stone Cold still supporting him, there remains hope that he can turn things around.

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