Struggling Packers Offense Takes Another Hit With Loss Of Key Offensive Player To Injury



The offensive struggles of the Green Bay Packers over the last season and a half have been well documented. This season hasn’t looked much better than the second half of last season, with the exception of Eddie Lacy. He looked incredible in his first year at Green Bay, but struggles with weight issues led to a poor showing last year. This season he’s been the bright spot in an otherwise mediocre offense.

Given that, it’s easy to see why his nagging ankle injury had Packers fans worried. For the first several games of the season, he’d have to sit out every couple of plays to get treatment on his ankle. Now it seems his time on the sidelines will be a lot more than a few plays a game.

According to the NFL Network’s Steve Rappaport, Eddie Lacy is now expected to miss “several weeks” due to an unspecified ankle injury. The team is seeking a second opinion currently, but the diagnosis is unlikely to change. It explains why the Packers recently traded for Chiefs’ running back Kniles Davis, who should provide some support while Lacy is out and James Starks continues to recover from knee surgery.

Aaron Rodgers says he’s ready to get back on track and shake his accuracy problems. He’d better do it quick if the Packers are to survive the meat of their schedule.

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