Terrance Ross Sets Some Insane Expectations For Teammate DeMar DeRozan



DeMar DeRozan has had an unbelievable start to the season. He’s scored 32 or more points in all four games this season, and broke forty points against both the Pistons and the Wizards.

Having a teammate score insane numbers every night is a great feeling. Terrance Ross certainly feels that way, and he set some huge expectations for DeRozan.

“It’s unreal, but it’s almost like we expect that from him now,” Raptors forward Terrence Ross told Josh Lewenberg. “I feel like he’s going to average 39 the whole season.”

“Every shot he puts up, you know he’s going to get fouled or he’s going to make it. There’s really no way you can stop that.”

Ross noted that DeRozan is particularly impressive since he doesn’t rely on three point shots to put up huge numbers. In an era where mid range shots have taken a back seat to threes and dunks, DeRozan is the king of the mid range. He’s only scored 1 three pointer all season.

“At the midrange, for him to be as efficient as a big man is unreal,” said Ross. “Its hard to think of any other player thats doing that.”

The Raptors are 3-1 and look to be one of the best teams in the East yet again, with their eyes set on beating the Cavs to get to the Finals this year.

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